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Ajwa Dates from the blessed city of Medina - HEX

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Ajwa Dates

Penny Appeal luxurious Ajwa Dates tin seven gifts in one! Each tin contains seven individual mini tins with seven Ajwa dates inside each one to share with family and friends.

Our Ajwa dates are grown in the Holy City of Medina, the second-most Holiest city in Islam, and are packed with fibre, minerals and nutrients and full of flavour.

The Qur’an lays great emphasis on the benefits of eating seven Ajwa dates every day. The Prophet (saw) is reported to have said: “Whosoever takes seven Ajwa dates in the morning, neither magic nor poison will hurt him that day.” (Bukhari).

This beautifully gift boxed Ajwa Dates tin is seven presents in one box and is perfect for your closest friends and family so they too can share these delicious hand-picked dates.

By purchasing Ajwa Dates you’re supporting farmers and their families throughout Palestine, helping to break the cycle of poverty and transform lives and futures.